Partner Exchange 2014: Are you going?
YAY! Lots of good education at a low price!

I think this will be my 3rd or 4th time attending Partner Exchange (specifically the Bootcamp). Unlike before, I won’t be teaching the View 5.x Desktop Design Best Practises Workshop. This year I’ll be teaching the Horizon View 5.2 Install, Configure, Manage class. So far there are 13 (out of 36 people registered) but I expect that it’ll be a full class. It is a nice mix of talking head and hands on labs. For me, it’s a nice change from my usual teaching of the Design class. Although I’ll miss not teaching Design this year, it’ll be fun playing with it again in a hands-on experience.

If you register before February 7th (and I assume pay — I admit to not following the necessary details of the $$) you will get a significant discount on the price (I think it’s about 40% or so).

For more information, check here. You should bring your own tablet (e.g., iPad, Android, etc.) for the books so you can carry with you afterwards.

Wanna be in my next ThinApp class??

I have an upcoming Application Virtulization with ThinApp (5.0) class in January. This is a beta class so that means typos, slight challenges when trying to get things to work and so on. But it also means a discount of 50% off the normal price. The class will be online and is only one day (expect it to be a packed 9-5). This class is one of my favourites because it does give you the necessary tools to start with ThinApp (we can’t give you every possible scenario and have to be realistic about timing so the complexity is somewhat basic to medium).

So if this class interests you, click this link to sign up and we’ll “see” you in January!

Horizon View 5.3: New Graphics Card Support

If you look through the HCL you’ll see we list the K1 and K2 cards from nVidia. These are not the only cards supported (as of View 5.3/vSphere 5.5 at the time of writing). Check out KB2058778.

One of the newer features from vSphere 5.5 is the ability to vMotion (and following to that, DRS load-balance) virtual machines that utilize these cards (provided the cards are on both sides). If the settings are set to automatic when vMotion is done and the card does not exist on the destination, then the soft vDGA 3-D will be used. If the setting is set explicitly to hardware video card, then no vMotion can occur if the destination does not have a matching card.

Ah, the joys of live demos

Ya. It ends up kinda like that

Occasionally, I do demos for the VMware Partner group (aka Quickstarts). These are beneficial to both groups as it introduces VMware Education to partners and provides technical deep(er) dives than they usually get. Since I’ve done numerous “here’s how to install View and configure a pool” type of thing, I figured just doing the What’s New with 5.3 would be sufficient enough.

As always, I plan on simple demos and without fail… one of them decides to up-chuck. Actually, in this case it was multiples but I had fixed one set earlier today (about 20 minutes before the presentation). I had been fighting with trying to create linked clones.

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50% VCA Exam Voucher (Updated)

Updated as of December 5, 2013: “Due to the overwhelming popularity of the program, the previously available free VCA exam offer is no longer available as we have exceeded our maximum offers available for this promotion. However, you can still use code VMRT1B01791B  for a 50% discount on the VCA exam. If you have specific questions, please email .”



You can take the VCA exam for 50% off by using this voucher: VMRT1B01791B

It’s good until the end of January 31, 2014.

You can find more information about the VCA certifications here:

Horizon View Diagram (KB2061913)

KB2061913 finally got published. When I first saw the vSphere networking diagram, I knew we had to create one for Horizon View. The first draft I had created to start things off with was certainly convoluted but a lot of help from the team who created the vSphere Networking diagram helped immensely at making sense of it.

I’m hoping that in the next revision of it we can include Mirage and Workspace into the mix. As you’ll see from KB2061913, it is already a very busy and complex diagram. If you have comments or suggestions, let me know. I’ll keep them in mind for the next version.

Certification: VCA and beyond!

VCA Certifications

We recently released the VCA certification program that covered Datacenter (DCV), Desktop/Workforce Mobility (WM) and Cloud (no acronym). The Network one will be released eventually (if absolutely need a release date, it should be within the next 10 years!). This certification track is geared towards those new to virtualization in general; for the decision makers that don’t necessarily need the deep-dive training; or for the techie that needs a better understanding of other technologies for either an eventual deeper exploration of the topic or just to be able to talk about it a little better.

To help you with that we are currently offering a discount code of VCA13ICS which will make the VCA exam FREE.


I said it.

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