KB Find of the Day: MSCS and vCenter

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It's so exciting!
It’s so exciting!!

So, I remember when VirtualCenter (yes… VirtualCenter 1.0) could and was put on Microsoft Clusters as a mechanism to protect it. It was never “official” and then was deemed completely not supported and that Neverfail Heartbeat was the officially supported mechanism. I have to admit in all my time in Global Support and as an instructor (9 years combined), I’ve only had ONE customer who used HB to protect vCenter.


Well, as I go through the VCDX Fast Track this week, I discovered that there is a new KB that was released that basically says, yes.. we support vCenter on MSCS. This is important given that Heartbeat support was removed earlier this year. For many scenarios, it’s always been ok for many environments to exist without any kind of full redundancy beyond a simplistic setup (i.e., what I’ve often referred to as “poor man’s fail over”,  by simply making a clone of the vCenter).

Having proper support with a common, existing mechanism is far better. For more details, check out KB2059560

Quick edit: The KB is about clustering the DB specifically and not necessarily the whole of vCenter. I’ve asked for the KB to be clarified a bit more.

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