Sometimes the mind doesn’t seem to be all there..

I have all my bits for my home lab.. except blank DVDs. Sigh. Too many meetings today and too much work requiring me to be home to pick up even a cheap one at the dollar store so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow at some point to start the project. And the USB option is just eluding me because.. (shocking, I know) I have no USB sticks (this is what happens when  you end up with the likes of DropBox, etc.) .


Ah well, it’s probably for the best for now as I have to focus some attention on some recordings I have to do for VCIs for our Mirage ICM class.

Oh, where to begin? Let's see.. I lived in the US for 13 years (3 years in NYC and 10 years in Los Angeles area). I'm a huge MMORPG fan (I've been a die-hard World of Warcraft player since mid-2007 -- For the Horde!). And have numerous tattoos, including one about VMware and one about Warcraft. I enjoy the occasional cigar with a single malt (for a while, I even had a cigar aficionado blog). I used to enjoy long distance solo cycling and am hoping to restart it here in Nova Scotia. I live just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia with my wife, our 3 cats and our Golden Retriever.

I'd love to hear from y'all. Leave me a message or comment!

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