Part 1 of Certificates for Horizon View 5.2: How to Install Certificate Authority in Active Directory

As part of a project I had to create a document on how to add certificates to a View environment. It was kind of a neat process. I’m going to post it here over the next few days. Hopefullly it will be of benefit for someone:

1.    On the Active Directory server, create a folder called c:\Certs and share that out. (to share, right click on the folder and choose Share with Specific People. Type Everyone and click the Add button. Ensure that permissions are set to at least Read. Click the Share button and then the Done button)

2.    Go to Start –> Control Panel and click Turn Windows features on or off.

Selecting Server Roles
Selecting Server Roles

3.    Right click on Roles and choose Add Role
4.     On the Before you Begin screen choose Next.
5.    On the Select Server Roles and check the box next to Active Directory Certificate Services.
6.    Click Next and Next.
7.    On the Role Services screen ensure that Certification Authority is checked off. Do not check any other boxes.

Select Roles Service
Select Roles Service

8.    Leave the default for the Specify Setup Type and click Next
9.    For the Specify CA Type, select Root CA and click Next

Specify CA Type
Specify CA Type

10.    On the Set Up Private Key screen leave the defaults and click Next.
11.    Leave the defaults for Configure Cryptography for CA and click Next.
12.    For Configure CA Name leave the defaults and click Next.
13.    On the Set Validity Period, change the 5 to a value that works for your organization and leave the Years. Then click the Next button

How long should certificates be valid for
How long should certificates be valid for

14.    Leave the defaults for Configure Certificate Database and click Next
15.    On the Confirm Installation Selections page the values as below and then click Install

Confirm choices on the Confirm Installation page

16.    The install process will take a minute or two. Once done, click the Close button.
17.    Go to the Menu Bar, select File –> Exit

The next post will look at creating the certificate templates.

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