(re)Learning to talk

It’s important to e-nun-ci-ate your words.

So for this blog entry I decided to try something new. In fact I’d actually writing this, so to speak, without actually typing. I decided to invest in the nuance Dragon speaking product. It has been around for quite a while and used primarily on Windows platform. However, using it on a Mac that has the latest Mac OS 10 is a bit of a challenge.

The first challenge is of course my funny Canadian accent. It has a hard time, sometimes, picking up on words that that are spoken with the weird   accent. This particular paragraph is taking me about four tries to get the words right.  I suspect that part of the problem is that my accident has mellowed since moving to the US. When you first set up Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you choose which area of the Americas that you’re in and what flavor of English that you speak.

In my case there was no option for  “Canadian”. The closest option I had was for American Northeast  inland.  additionally,  I suspect that the dictionary that is being used by Dragon is very limited the number of words available. Things like virtual machines and virtualization don’t seem to come naturally to it.

The second challenge is probably my  MacBook’s  microphone. I suspect  is not as sensitive as it should be and I may  have to buy a proper headset with microphone in order to alleviate this issue.  While I know that no  dictation software is perfect, this one still has a lot to work on. Hopefully as time continues I’ll be able to actually use this to work on my next book or rather next edition of  my book.

I’ll probably continue to try to use it to do blog entries as it may make it easier for me to post more regularly. But I suspect that as a duty entries I’ll have to do some modifications along the way.  I know people have used this before and been very successful with it.

So I guess part of it is a learning curve for both me and the product. And I will probably have to do a little bit of editing until I get the full knack of the program.
Maybe it’s not just my funny Canadian accent. But rather learning curve for both the program and myself. We shall see, eh?

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