Partner Exchange 2014: Are you going?
YAY! Lots of good education at a low price!

I think this will be my 3rd or 4th time attending Partner Exchange (specifically the Bootcamp). Unlike before, I won’t be teaching the View 5.x Desktop Design Best Practises Workshop. This year I’ll be teaching the Horizon View 5.2 Install, Configure, Manage class. So far there are 13 (out of 36 people registered) but I expect that it’ll be a full class. It is a nice mix of talking head and hands on labs. For me, it’s a nice change from my usual teaching of the Design class. Although I’ll miss not teaching Design this year, it’ll be fun playing with it again in a hands-on experience.

If you register before February 7th (and I assume pay — I admit to not following the necessary details of the $$) you will get a significant discount on the price (I think it’s about 40% or so).

For more information, check here. You should bring your own tablet (e.g., iPad, Android, etc.) for the books so you can carry with you afterwards.