vSphere 5.5 QuickTip: Upgrading vCenter 5.1 to vCenter 5.5

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it-crowd-unexpectedSo I did my upgrade of my new environment and began using Chrome (native Mac Browser) to access vCenter. As I was doing was I was being innodated with “Unable to create the managed object for ” kinds of errors. I thought at first it was a browser issue so I tried Safari and Firefox.

Still didn’t work.

So I tried it on the native system and noticed that the error propagates there as well. A quick search internally I found a similar, yet different issue that suggested a restart of services might solve that issue. That got me thinking. Sometimes a reboot (or “forcing an unexpected reboot”) can solve some issues (e.g., clears out the cache, restarts services properly, etc.).

Eh. What could it hurt? At worse, I’d do a fresh install. At best, it’d solve stuff.

Turns out, it was the “at best” situation. Horizon View 5.2, although no official sanction is out yet for support (assume that Horizon View 5.2 and vSphere 5.5 are “unsupported”; that means best effort — usually — from GSS for tickets) Horizon View seems ok with the upgrade. I’ve yet to test whether Composer will like it (that’s next). And I still need to upgrade my MacMinis themselves.

Oh. Joy.

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