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Ah, yes. My hobby of cigars.
Ah, yes. My hobby of cigars.

It’s ironic that I’m starting yet another blog. I have two existing ones but haven’t updated them in a while. I probably should. For a while I’ve been pondering doing one on what I do and what neat things I find while surfing the Wilds of the Internet. I’ve always felt, however, that I wanted a blog to be something that provides a good resource (or my opinion) on a topic or topics.



And, more importantly, be able to have the time to do it. This year I actually have more of that available for me to do it. I know once I get going on a regular writing schedule it will become part of my behaviours. First off, I have to put in the standard clause:

My postings are my own and don’t necessarily
represent VMware’s positions, strategies or opinions.

My name is Linus Bourque and I’ve been with VMware (as of this writing) nearly 8 years (late October 2013 will be my 8th official year with the company). I have to admit that when my good friend Scott had suggest I join this new company that did this thing call virtualization I was skeptical. I was even more skeptical when he said I’d enjoy being part of the Global Support team.

I was, at the time, a professor at Seneca College in Toronto and enjoying teaching to students who wanted to learn how to “audit” systems with a variety of tools discovered online. I was enjoying it but there was something missing. I decided to give this new little upstart company called VMware a go and joined Scott at the Burlington, Ontario EMC offices (where VMware’s Canadian GSS was first located). It was one of the best learning experiences I had. I saw support in a different light: it wasn’t about answering simple questions; it was about deducing solutions to the really difficult ones. For someone like me who loves puzzles and brain twisters, this was up my alley. For about two years or so, I enjoyed doing this role and the follow-on Escalation Engineer.

But after a while I wanted to return to my first love, that of teaching. So I joined VMware’s Americas Education team as a technical instructor. Like many, I started by teaching the Virtual Infrastructure 3.x Install, Configure and Manage class (commonly referred to as the VI/vSphere ICM class.) After a year or so, I was asked to teach the VDM ICM class. This was a newly acquired product eventually evolved into View, which is now Horizon View. Somewhere along the way I became the lead instructor for the course. In addition to View, I’m also the lead instructor for our Application Virtualization using ThinApp course and our newly created Horizon Mirage ICM class.

I also joined a team that provided input and support to the various parts of VMware Education, specifically Curriculum Development and Certifications. This has opened up a new appreciation of the other teams that work directly and in-directly with our delivery team (our instructors). As part of that team I also picked up an additional role, that of the Americas Instructor Certification Workshop lead. In that role, I help those interested in becoming a VMware Certified Instructor through the rigorous path to become a full VCI. It is a particular role I love as I can help others become the best instructor they can be.

Looking over the last 8 years, it has been amazing and I hope I have another 8 years to follow. When I first joined VMware I remember Scott had told me that no one has egos at the company and that everyone was willing to help each other. And if the solution didn’t exist, we’d create it. But we’d never leave customers without something. It still remains part of my goals these days and a mantra I always try to upload. Although sometimes I don’t always have the solution, I never forget that goal of always trying to find the answer as a team and not as individuals.

So I’ve blathered on enough about me (eh, it’s the instructor in me 😉 ), let’s talk about what this blog is about and/or for. So what is this for? Well, I figured I could use it to talk about my new home lab (technical environment, not the dog) that I’m building as well as offer insights into various aspects of End-User Computing from my point of view (pun may be intended) and offer additionally thoughts for other virtualization related topics.

The blog also opens a venue for me to answer any questions that come up from those who have purchased my new book, VCP-DT 5 Official Certification Guide (Hardcover and Kindle versions). I know it’ll never reach the same height of popularity as Duncan’s and Frank’s DRS/HA book but it is still something that was a huge feat for me. As with anything in computers once something is out, it’s already time to update it again. I’m already looking at possibly doing the 2nd edition.

So, that sums it up. Hopefully, this blog won’t be in the Wilds too long and I hope that some find some insight or tidbit to help them. I am pretty open to almost any questions (no, I will not given you the questions and answers to the exam 😉 ) and I tend to write as I talk (hence, the weird punctuation) so hopefully it won’t be too rambling.

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