VMworld 2016: Still lots of walking (but worth it!)

**squee** VMworld 2016

So for those unaware, I am again at VMworld and it’s refreshing to be in Vegas after many years in San Francisco. Still lots of walking (or so says my Fitbit). Additional to my usual duties at the Education Lounge (come visit us in the VMVillage), there are a few sessions that we’re doing this year. Some are at the Education Lounge and some are General Sessions. They are all EUC based (of course!)



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VCP6-DTM: Study guide

Brilliant, eh?
Brilliant, eh?

Ok. So I’m not the fastest writer in the world. I’m still somewhere trying to work on the 2nd Edition of the VCP-DTM (Desktop Mobility) book and it is a slow slog. I admit that sometimes I let other things take priority and.. oh! look! shiny object!

Oh, wait.. where was I?

Oh.. right. I was asked recently about what to use to study for the upcoming exam and I figured that info might also benefit others. Additionally, you may not realize that you can use the Hands-On Labs even when not at VMworld. So below gives you direction on how best to study for the exam along with suggested HOL labs that can help (the only product we don’t have HOL labs on is vRealize for Horizon but there is a free eLearning that you can use to get a few ideas about the product and how it works: VMware vRealize Operations For Horizon 6 Fundamentals )

For those that prefer to read about something, at this point the only material would be what’s identified on the Blueprint (https://mylearn.vmware.com/mgrReg/plan.cfm?plan=64299&ui=www_cert

If you expand each section it’ll list supporting documentation. You’ll find additional documentation under “How to Prepare” and “Additional Resources”.

If you need to practice, you can go to http://labs.hol.vmware.com and practice there (it’s free to register and you can do the labs as many times as you want). I’d use the following labs to help prep:

HOL-MBL-1451 – Horizon 6 with View from A to Z

HOL-MBL-1453 – VMware Workspace Portal – Explore and Deploy

HOL-MBL-1455 – Managing Desktops with VMware Mirage

HOL-MBL-1454 – Applied ThinApp – Capture and Deploy Packages

HOL-MBL-1458 – Application Management with VMware App Volumes and Horizon 6

And, as always, if you have questions, do not hesitate to give me a ping 🙂

vSphere New and Old Feature: TCP/IP Stacks Galore

It’s only a little spicy

So recently I’ve been busy with travel, specifically spending time in Singapore and Bangalore teaching colleagues (my Bangalore colleagues keep saying that the food is “just a little spicy”… HA!)  all the neat new features in vSphere 6.0 along with updates for Horizon 6 Version 6.1.  (View specifically). As part of this training we ran into some neat new facts that I figured would be worthwhile to share. And specifically, the new TCP/IP stacks that exist as “defaults”.

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Mirage 5.0 ICM Beta Class

Yay! Beta class time!
Yay! Beta class time!

Yay! It’s beta class time again! This time, it’s an update for the Mirage 5.0 Install, Configure, Manage (or, Mirage 5.0 ICM). This class will be held in Los Angeles (5 min south of LAX so easy to access and lots of hotel options).

This particular course has a lot of neat changes happening:

1. There’s an extra day with more stuff and labs, instead of the current 2 days

2. It covers 5.0 and has the latest version

3. It will be used as the basis for the Horizon Fast Track.

4. YOU can help provide input on how the course should be, whether you regularly use Mirage or not.

We definitely want both experienced and not-so-experienced Mirage individuals to attend the class. Remember that beta classes are 50% off but we expect you to do some work by providing feedback on both the class and labs. For more details check out here.

KB Find of the Day: MSCS and vCenter

It's so exciting!
It’s so exciting!!

So, I remember when VirtualCenter (yes… VirtualCenter 1.0) could and was put on Microsoft Clusters as a mechanism to protect it. It was never “official” and then was deemed completely not supported and that Neverfail Heartbeat was the officially supported mechanism. I have to admit in all my time in Global Support and as an instructor (9 years combined), I’ve only had ONE customer who used HB to protect vCenter.


Well, as I go through the VCDX Fast Track this week, I discovered that there is a new KB that was released that basically says, yes.. we support vCenter on MSCS. This is important given that Heartbeat support was removed earlier this year. For many scenarios, it’s always been ok for many environments to exist without any kind of full redundancy beyond a simplistic setup (i.e., what I’ve often referred to as “poor man’s fail over”,  by simply making a clone of the vCenter).

Having proper support with a common, existing mechanism is far better. For more details, check out KB2059560

Quick edit: The KB is about clustering the DB specifically and not necessarily the whole of vCenter. I’ve asked for the KB to be clarified a bit more.

I’m here! I swear!

I’m here.. hiding.

So it’s been a while. Ok. It’s been longer than a while. Life got somewhat busy and there wasn’t, in my humble opinion, much I could add in regards to what is out there but this will be part of a project of things I’ll be working on this fall. So… what have I been up to?



  1. A book proposal (details to come).
  2. Rebuilding the lab. The thing I keep forgetting is that I live in Los Angeles, home of non-stop brownouts and power failures. Add to that, the forever time it takes to build/rebuild the RAID 5.. well.. I think changing it to a RAID 10 may suit me better.
  3. VMworld 2014. I am here at the conference as I finalize this post. I’ll be in the Hang Space, the Certification Lounge or a “booth babe” (Wednesday). Come find me in the Hang Space for a Horizon View 6 network poster.
  4. Course creation. I have 3 on plate, including 2 of which I’ll be developing.
  5. A special new course with John Arrasjid.
  6. Delving into AirWatch to add more info to our education curriculum and my own deeper understanding.
  7. Got my driver’s license. Yup. At the age of 44. After living in cities (Ottawa, Torotno, NYC) with decent public transit, I’ve been forced to get a driver’s license. And I have to say.. I’m loving it. I feel like a little kid. And of course, I want a truck 🙂 . But that will be different post and blog for that. It still took a fair amount of my time.


While this fall will be busy, I’m expecting it to be a whole heck of a lot of fun. I celebrate 9 years with VMware and I have to stay it’s still as fun as it was in the past. As I listen to Pat talk about the No Limits concept. It is about who we, VMware, are. Ever since I started with the company, the one thing that has always remained true is that we always are ready to help each other and step up when needed.
Tied to that is the fact that I can explore and poke at topics I want to; that I’m not limited to just EUC but more than that. That flexibility allows me to stay engaged and interested. It’s not just about being on the bleeding edge but helping others find it.
Kool-aid? Perhaps.
I’m ok with that. Because, to be honest, it’s an awesome ride and a great taste. I’ll be posting some fun stuff from VMworld, View/Mirage stuff along with some Airwatch stuff as well. It’s gonna be wild ride. Hopefully you’ll join me for it!

VMware View 6 ICM Beta Class

Yay! Beta class time!
Yay! Beta class time!

Although not yet on my schedule, it’s very possible that I’ll be teaching this. So if you’re interested in participating (you will be expected to do some work like feedback on course layout,  topics, typos, labs, etc) register now by going here.

There’s a huge advantage to doing a beta class, besides the discounted price (50% off). You also get the advantage of being able to offer input into how the class should go and what it should cover. And you’ll get direct access to the Lead Instructor (usually) and course developer (mostly).

It adds great benefit and opportunity to get trained before everyone else. The beta class only runs once and will be the fastest access to training before the final courses are ready.